We build
mobile apps
for startups
with ambition

About FoundersBuddy

Top Tech Talent as a Service

We’re a boutique design and development studio that builds beautiful iOS, Android & web apps for ambitious startups and forward thinking enterprises.
At FoundersBuddy, we believe that the products we create are the starting point, not the endpoint. A product that fails to push the limits of business isn't what we're looking to build. We help our partners grow their business by putting their collected data to work for them and turn data to business insight and opportunities.

What we can do for you

Build & launch the MVP, quickly!

We’ve rescued many ideas from living “only inside founder’s head” and transformed them to validatable MVPs! We help you launch an affordable mobile or web app, connect it to an analytics service, and maximize your learning from that launch. You also need a landing page to start building your email list? Bravo 👏 to you and consider it DONE.

Custom mobile & web development

We build elegant, intuitive, and scalable apps for a fixed price. That is correct: fixed price! We’ve done this for years and learned how to manage “scope creep” and will provide you with an accurate time and cost estimates. Our home is in clouds (hello AWS!) and we are great at using technologies like Swift (iOS), Java (Android), Python, React (+Redux), Meteor and Elixir.

Data analytics & machine learning services.

Everyone speaks about the importance of collecting data and we build smart data collection into our apps. But that is just the first step! Today, you need more than a few pretty graphs to to drive your business forward! We have helped our clients, from the solo-founder startups like FooF to giants like Philips Healthcare to collect and process the data that will get them the advantage over competition.

Why great companies choose us

We deliver tangible business results, not just pretty apps.

You don’t spend time, energy and money on this project to have an app, what you need is tangible results. Increased mobile sales by 30%? Offer a paid subscription to your mobile users and get 5000 active users/month? We design apps and enable analytics & metrics so you could measure the business results yourself.

You get a fixed and predictable invoice, ALWAYS.

You are not a mega-corporation with a huge budget, we know that! Constraints force us to be selective and creative which are the keys to product success. You’ll have access to our exclusive internal tools including time & cost calculator, so can find out the cost on your own terms without needing to wait.

Our clients are our marketers!

We have one marketing strategy: Take an outstanding care of our clients and make them our devoted promoters. This is how we can focus on doing what we do best: building fantastic apps for you!

We will be there for you: available & reliable.

We are a small team of ridiculously talented individuals who love their jobs! Unlike big agencies, you can reach us directly via phone and Slack any time. No more waiting 48 hours for a response!

We know how startups are built to succeed.

First ideas are rarely the best one. Startups are not about small size or ‘doing things cheaply‘. Startups are all about learning fast! We help you understand your true potential and turn your idea to reality.

How does working with us look like?

We keep it simple: being Reliable and Transparent is all that matters. We don’t want you to sign off for a vague solution, so we will go through a carefully designed discovery followed by story mapping sessions. You’ll be working with a small team that consistently delivers results. We have a proven process for success by living & breathing these values:

Transparency in Execution

We’re your partner, not your vendor. You’ll feel like you have a top-notch tech team is sitting in your office where you’ll have full insights into the project every step of the way. We’ll make sure that you’re always part of the conversation, so there’re will be no surprises for you!

Constant & Honest Communication

Throughout the lifecycle of your project, we’ll be in constant communication. From Zoom/Skype sessions to Trello and Slack conversations to weekly updates, we’ll always be in touch & all of us are directly available for jumping on a call with you.

Small & Dedicated Team

Our team is your team. You’ll have a small, dedicated team working on your project, consulting with you, and helping to build and scale your product. No fancy titles involved: only topnotch UI designers, developers & finally a tester who we call Miss nitpicker-testing-EVERYTHING-for-100th-times!

Weekly Report Email

Every Friday evening you will receive an email that in plain English - without hiding behind diagrams, acronyms, buzzwords, or industry jargon - tells you how last week was. We’ll be honest & tell you both good and bad news so you can choose your drink for upcoming weekend but remember not worry too much; we will be there for you.