We build
mobile apps
for startups
with ambition

We’re only happy when
you’re happy

We deliver business results,
not only pretty apps

You spend time, energy and money on this project not to have an app but to get some tangible results.

Increase mobile sales by 30%? Offer a paid subscription to your mobile users and get 5000 active users / month? We design apps and enable analytics & metrics so you could measure the business results yourself.

You will get a fixed &
predictable invoice, always

You are not a mega corporation with a huge budget, we know this and like it!

Constraints force both you and us to be selective, creative and essentialist which are the keys for startup success. You can try our time & quote calculator so before asking us to add login using facebook account you will know it will cost €1,000.

We don't know marketing & can't
afford spending $ on that!

That is why we only have one strategy: take great care of our clients and make them our references. We let our reputation show through our work. This way we can focus on doing what we are good at - designing awesome apps for you.

We will be there for you:
available & reliable!

We are a small team who chose to win not clients but good friends while making money by our skills. As friends we will be available & reliable, you can always Call/Skype/Slack all of us directly. Unlike big agencies, we don't force you to submit tickets to get a response from us.

We know how startups are
built to succeed

Our first idea may not be the best one. Startups are not about small size or doing things with low costs. It is all about smart thinking & quick learning. We help with affordable pivots to finally nail it.

Not sure what is a pivot?